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Sep 14, 2020

This week I continue my reflections and teachings on gratitude even when life is messy. I share how my gratitude practice evolved from just counting my blessings to counting everything as a blessing. Being thankful is a wonderfully positive way to live and definitely increases level of happiness. Transcending beyond duality and accepting impermanence, I share the key to gratitude in these times, OUR times. You may not be able to find gratitude for what is happening in our world but you can be grateful in every moment it is happening and step up and co-create a new reality for our future.

If you would like support and guidance in rounding out your mastery of the competencies that we will need going forward to not only lead, but to live peacefully and happily in the newest normal, check out my new program – Life’s Messy, Live Happy Group. No need to wait for me to speak at your organization or a conference near you – I am coming to you directly, with all new content, new assignments for self-reflection and all in a community of Reality-Based Leaders who want to not only stay relevant but be ready to contribute to teams and lives in significant ways. Check it out in the link below!