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Jul 13, 2020

Recently I've been reminded of Post-Traumatic Growth and our ability to transform after some pretty difficult experiences. Many are wondering at this time in our history if we will recover, not just economically but as a team and as a nation. We have proven to be a resilient human race throughout history and studies. Post-Traumatic Growth (PTG) suggest that not only we will recover, but we will demonstrate the immense human capacity for resiliency and growth.

Cy calls for leaders to instill hope in their teams, calling for the ability to imagine many beautiful and positive outcomes so that we can emerge from the traumas of the past months as better humans and more cohesive teams. Leaders need to facilitate not just surviving, but profound growth that will fuel the creation of a better workplace.

I have two assignments for you this week:

#1. Sit down and spend time with the envisioning of many possible positive outcomes.

#2. Find ways to commit to them without attachment.