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May 16, 2024

In today's episode, Alex and Cy talk about a pattern they're seeing out there that is really hurting leaders, creating conflict and burning them out. It's that they are over managing and under leading, and this is a sign of leaders being a little under-skilled to handle some challenges in their current reality. In that, Cy and Alex, talk about a simple, but very powerful concept to support leaders and making sure they're not over managing and under leading called goals, roles, and procedures.

And a big breakthrough for all listeners, is that as a leader, if you're clear on goals, clear on roles, then brace yourself you don't have to get so involved in procedures and execution, and in the weeds and jumping into fix and firefighting, so this is a really important concept to decrease conflict on your team, increase clarity and also empower everyone to fully step into their roles, even in times of change.

So Cy and Alex dive deep into how leaders can figure out are they part of the what, as far as strategy or what we're trying to do and or whether they're supposed to be into the how in the execution to deliver on that what. Cy and Alex discuss many ways that leaders are consistently getting into control and doing too much, and then they're leaving their teams believing they're the victims and this is how they can rise up evolve and really call their teams to greatness.

This episode packs a punch and will give you tons of clarity to improve your leadership of your team for the rest of the year Be sure to share this episode with all of your team members and discuss your biggest insight or takeaway.