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Apr 4, 2024

One of the core philosophies of living Reality-Based Leadership at work is to stop judging, start helping. People love this as a way to get started and dive right in, but sometimes their helping becomes doing everyone else's work, or jumping in to fix a lot of things. This creates the risk of becoming an over-functioner or an enabler in your workplace. So many people that just start reality-based leadership say that I started to say how can I help and next thing you know I was busier than ever and couldn't get my work done. This is another step in the evolution of being a reality-based leader is how to jump in to help without taking on everyone else's work.

In this episode, Cy and Alex talk about this pattern and how to watch for it and how to see when you're helping is actually hurting and how to begin saying yes and separating out how the work gets done to be able to keep momentum going and agree to goals but also keep your boundaries. With these boundaries, you're able to then take on the short term issues that need to be taken care of where you do jump in and fix, but then you can leave some space to have others help you with midterm issues and then long-term issues in the workplace.

Truly a powerful episode to make sure that one of the best tools of reality-based leadership doesn't get weaponized and used for evil. Enjoy, share with your colleagues and make sure you subscribe to the podcast and have discussions on this topic. We can't wait to hear from you.