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May 2, 2024

Alex and Cy connected with Mike Lee to talk about the new rules of the future of leadership. Although these rules are simple rules that you might already know, the key insight is that for years, they have been nice to have, and now they're really the new rules to lead the up-and-coming workforce.

In the podcast, they cover some of the solid fundamentals of leadership, how keeping it simple as a leader is the most impactful. Going through what's called mental rehearsal to be a more prepared leader, the power of visualization, how modern leaders are legacy driven instead of outcome driven. And also some great ways to support people by loving them up and calling them up to greatness with some of Mike's best techniques.

This is an action packed episode with an individual who's worked with some of the top, high-performing people in the world.

Be sure to share this episode with all of your team members and discuss your biggest insight or takeaway.