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Apr 18, 2024

Cy and Alex got looking ahead at their schedules and couldn't believe we're already a month away from National Nurse's day, National Nurse's week, National Hospital week, and they had healthcare on their mind for this week's podcast.

They wanted to talk about some of the trends they're seeing in healthcare and with the healthcare professionals they're working with in their sessions and in their coaching and wanted to share some ideas and tips on getting back to the basics, getting back to helping hope make a comeback and talking about ways that energy management can help us do the great work that we signed up to do in healthcare.

They hope this is a podcast that inspires a bit of hope, talks a bit about how Reality-Based Leadership might be the support that your teams are craving and why we'd love to be there in your system whether it's virtually or in person in the next month or so for the celebrations, so let's celebrate on this podcast, any healthcare professionals you have in your life and Cy and Alex share opportunities to hear some Reality-Based Leadership content soon to honor those amazing healthcare professionals.

In this podcast, they talk about getting back to the basics, why Reality-Based Leadership actually drives engagement and hope, and decreases burnout. Cy shares several stories, in which even in challenging circumstances with some tools of Reality-Based Leadership, people can get back to believing it's possible, believing it's doable, and Alex jumps in as well to share several stories of how teams are able to turn towards each other and succeed, in spite of challenging circumstances if they have some of the basics of RBL, and we're able to get them these tools. So this is a fun episode and pass it on to any healthcare professionals that you know and let them know that RBL is here to help them.

Be sure to share this episode with all of your team members and discuss your biggest insight or takeaway.